Do something for you

Whether you’ve always wanted to try martial arts, or your goal is just to step outside your comfort zone, give yourself time to try something new.

Stay active and get fit

Kung Fu is a total body workout that boosts endorphins and builds strength, flexibility, and endurance through a variety of training techniques.

Build friendships

Our students have formed friendships for life after meeting new people in class. Bring some friends of your own and get fit with them. We’re a fun and welcoming community — the more the merrier!


Instructor Joe

Cincinnati Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor Joe Harmon

Instructor Katy

Image of Kung Fu Instructor Katy Moeggenberg


I went here awhile back and made it to 3rd brown. I remember Joe and Katy and a few others here that looks like they just never quit! I’m so glad to see the school is still around and doing great. Was by far some of the best martial arts training I ever got. If i ever get back home, I’m signing up again. Too bad nothing like you guys where I am now. Keep up the great work on providing amazing training on such an amazing art.” – Josh R.

I don’t think I truly understood that I could do anything I put my mind to until I started studying kung fu. It is pretty safe to say that when I first walked into my first Monday night class over four years ago I had no idea what to expect. I, like many, wanted to learn some basic self-defense. When I walked into the kwoon for the first time I was dazzled by the people training with weapons and doing animal style forms. I was in love. In the four years since, I have lost 40 pounds, become a husband, father, college graduate, and a black belt. I am proud to say that my kung fu training has played a huge role in all of it. I look forward to training for many more years. Thank you everyone at the CFK for everything.” – Jackson A

It’s hard to put in words what your class has given me over the years but I’d like to take a few minutes to express my overwhelming gratitude to you, your instructors, and your students. It’s never easy to start something brand new and on your own, but from my first day of class everyone made me feel like a long time part of the Kung Fu family and it made me want to come back more and more.

Your classes bring the right blend of strength, cardio, discipline, dedication and instruction to make you into a martial artist beyond your own expectations. A large part of this success is the motivation of seeing you and the instructors lead and participate in the same exercises they ask you do to in class. It’s also not heard of to see you and your staff practicing at 100% effort in any belt material they have achieved prior to class. It sets an expectation level and a culture within each student to work hard and push yourself.

If there is one aspect of your class that I’d really like to highlight is the dedication to the quality of instruction. Master Joe, hands down you are the most knowledgeable instructor in a given field that I have ever had. Not only are you able to physically demonstrate with perfect technique what we can do to improve, but your descriptions on how to make those improvement in our technique paint a clear and concise picture of understanding that allows us to maximize our Kung Fu potential.

It’s an honor knowing that I have achieved a black belt from your school and I have not regretted for one second choosing your school. I would recommend it to ANYONE.” – Don R

So here goes my thank you. This summer marks my sixth year as a martial artist. That means that from the time I began puberty the school has been a part of my life, and a weird part at that. How strange for a young, awkward kid to leave his normal sphere however many times a week and enter a completely different world all together; a world that, in subterranean ways, has altered the person he has become. I can say that because of the school I am a much fuller, more interesting, and more confident person.

People always try to advertise their martial arts school to soccer moms by saying how it will build confidence for their child. This has never been your angle and to be honest I was always proud of that; to be part of a school that teaches martial arts for its own sake, not as a day care. However this confidence building aspect has still been true in my case. I remember walking down the halls of my high school, past scary upperclassmen and pretty girls, being able to hold my head high because ‘I took down Millette’. It sounds ridiculous, to me at least, but the small things like that really did and do make a difference.

I could go on for at least two more paragraphs about what the school has done for me but I’ll keep it brief, and any how the most important part of the thank you note is, of course, the thank you. So thank you Joe for your patience, inspiration, example, and often overlooked humor. Thank you Mike (where ever the hell you are) for being the first person not afraid to kick my ass because I was ‘just a kid’, for showing me what work really is. Thank you Katy for scaring and beating the crap out of me, if I ever had a big sister, you would be her friend who comes over to our house and beats me up; hopefully I’ll take New York by storm with my bikini abs. And finally, thank you to all of my friends. To be honest, its been the coolest thing ever watching us grow from horrible white belts to the new leaders of the school- it kind of makes me feel like the X-MEN. (maybe the dorkiets way to end a thank you note ever.)” – Alex S